Kaitlin Paulo Rodrigues

Kaitlin Paulo Rodrigues is a new designer with fluid ideas and motivations that grow and adapt with further knowledge and new life experience. She is a mixed race woman born of two immigrant parents in the large multicultural city, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Curiosity, exploration and education are very important in her family. With her mixed background she learned to always look at history, culture and life from dual perspectives. She travels at every opportunity; learning and taking in as much as she can and questioning everything. This notion has stuck with her in her adult life, education and in her research of design.

Originally, she decided to study fashion design for the creative aspects of the field. Unlike traditional art it is both beautiful and functional. She has spent a lot of her free time educating herself in haute couture methods, detailed crafts and lost arts in design. This work reignited her desire for all forms of design and has reinforced the need to look at all projects from different angles. Fashion is a type of self-expression and helps to form a person’s identity. When a design is successful it can make a person feel exceptional; that is what she wants to do with her life, make the people who experience her designs feel exceptional.